A while back I wrote a backup application which allows you to compare folder structures on different disks. I still use it, and it’s useful for keeping Dropbox folders, USB keys etc. in sync.

I haven’t written much documentation for it, so you’ll just have to try it carefully. Best to have a go with some files that aren’t utterly vital, as it’s perfectly possible to delete lots of stuff. 32 bit MSI, and 64 bit MSI available for download.


API Chasing

It’s always important to distinguish the genuinely new from the repacked and reinvented. Large companies with lots of manpower are awfully good at taking an existing technology, putting a new spin on it, and then releasing at as something “new”. (The old new thing?). This then puts the competitors in the situation where they need to catch-up to the new API / gizmo / widget / whatever.

Know where you are leading, and where you are following. From a commercial, time and cost standpoint, API chasing is a bad thing.