A couple of minor updates to what’s currently on this site:

Indexed Store:

Index nodes now have OtherNode and IndexLink properties. This allows Index nodes and Search Vals to get hold of the corresponding IndexLink class, which contains the Index Tag, so you can do meta-comparisons based on the tag of the index, not just the data and index node class type.

Fixed a minor bug to do with indices allowing duplicate values. The index searching should be slighty different depending on whether one is adding, searching or deleting to the store.

Work Items:

Fixed an obscure race condition where client software attempts to free work items before the completion handler has finished. Programmers are unlikely to do this directly, but it’s still possible if completion handlers use TThread.Queue. Workitem destructors now use refcounts.

Anything else?

Yes, I’m still working on that extra special piece of software.

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